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Featured eCommerce Roundup: July 18th 2017

Discussion in 'Community News' started by Ethan Morgan, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Amazon Says Prime Day is the Biggest Global Shopping Day in its History – Internet Retailing
    Unsurprisingly, Amazon continues to grow Prime Day, its personal retail holiday built on offering exclusive deals to its loyal Prime subscribers. Once again, as in 2016, Prime Day has overtaken previous peaks to become the largest Amazon sales day ever.


    53 million Americans made purchases on the day, but traffic to eBay, Macy's and Walmart also jumped on the day. What's more interesting for us is the impact it has on third party businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace - our data suggests that those who sell Electronics and Tech goods benefited the most with a 50% increase in revenue.

    Could the Fast Food Drive-Thru Model Work for Retail Click & Collect? – eDelivery
    In the US, Walmart are already running a number of pick-up options for online orders - none of them exactly mimic fast food drive-through collection just yet. It seems like a no-brainer though, enabling the convenience of online shopping without the hassle of parking, navigating the store and inevitable queues etc.

    Will we soon see these springing up in the UK? Players like Doddle and Amazon Lockers have been innovating in the space, but whether drive-through collection will really take off remains to be seen.

    eBay Rolls Out Price Matching on Selected Products – Internet Retailer
    eBay’s freshly announced Price Match Guarantee brings the fight on price to Amazon, Walmart and others as part of the brand renewal program the marketplace is currently running.

    While it has some limitations (only items in the eBay Deals selection qualify, and it won’t match against 3rd party sellers on other marketplaces, only Walmart/Amazon/Jet first-party offerings), it’s a welcome move for both customers and the retailers participating in eBay Deals offers.

    Amazon and eBay images broken by Photobucket's 'ransom demand' – BBC News
    Popular image hosting service Photobucket recently published a document of changes to its terms and policies. Deep in the doc, a new policy preventing image linking to third party sites was mentioned – the annual fee to re-enable this functionality is $399.

    When the policy came into effect, sellers using Photobucket for their marketplace listings across eBay, Etsy, Amazon et al soon found they had entire product image catalogues which were no longer displaying. Unsurprisingly many felt they hadn’t had adequate warning, resulting in a storm of backlash.

    Courier and express delivery market hits £10.1 billion - eDelivery
    Rapid delivery options continue to rise in popularity, as the UK market for same-day and express delivery breaks the £10 billion mark – the value of next-day delivery was up to £5.5 billion.

    Analysts forecast significant further growth in line with ecommerce continuing to take share of the retail market away from physical stores, necessitating more and better deliveries.

    How Alexa Transforms Brand Visibility on Amazon – L2 Daily
    Voice search isn’t yet a huge path to purchase. But if, or perhaps when, it becomes the next generation of user interface, Amazon has already made sure it holds the advantage.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Echo users are almost always offered an “Amazon’s Choice” product in the two options it typically surfaces to users looking for products to purchase. That doesn’t have to be an Amazon own brand, but it does give Amazon a huge level of control over potentially hugely valuable search result real estate.